One Direction's Harry Styles is turning out to be quite the busy bee. After those rumors of his being bitten by the acting bug started swirling around on the web, it looks like talk of his songwriting prowess is going around again, too. According to Johan Carlsson -- who Harry penned the song "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" with, which was ultimately recorded by Ariana Grande -- he's been writing with the One Direction star again.

Johan told the Daily Mail, "[We've been writing] on and off several days a week for four weeks. [Harry's] fantastic with the words and he can really put down lyrics that are very conversational and people can relate to. We're just having a good time." Considering just how much we love "Just a Little Bit of Year Heart," as well as the One Direction songs "Stockholm Syndrome" and "Happily" -- both of which Harry also has songwriting credits or is at least rumored to have co-written them -- we're totally stoked to hear the new songs he's written with Johan!

There's no word as to what the content of the songs will entail, but if they're anything like "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart," they're sure to be full of longing, desperation and complete, emotional vulnerability. What do you guys think? Is Harry on his way to becoming the next go-to songwriter? Who would you want to see him write for next? Think he should branch out into different genres or just stick to pop?

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