The weather outside is frightful, but standing under the mistletoe is so delightful -- especially if you're with your favorite pop star! Mistletoe is known for bringing couples together for a quick peck, so we're taking a minute to ponder which singer we would want to kiss. Would you rather share a smooch with Harry Styles or Justin Bieber?

Harry Styles knows how to make a lady swoon. Between his sweet song lyrics (just listen to him sing on 'Little Things'!) to that perfectly coiffed hair, Huzzah has it goin' on. He also has an amazing accent and an even more amazing sense of humor. Consider us sold.

Justin Bieber has swag  -- and a big heart! The singer is uber-confident, but is also always giving back to his fans. JB woos the ladies with his heartfelt songs, like 'As Long as You Love Me' and 'Boyfriend,' and is such a great older brother to his young siblings. He's the complete package -- and a total catch for an under the mistletoe kiss!

Who would you rather smooch under the mistletoe? Vote for you favorite cutie in the poll!