It's only 41 seconds, but it's dreamy! One Direction have shared a short film entitled 'Our Moment' to promote their first fragrance, and the clip features Harry Styles planting a kiss on Zayn Malik.

The clip is subdued -- it's filmed in black and white, and there's an acoustic guitar strumming in the background. The boys hold their fragrance bottle and offer shy smiles. And then, Harry Styles plants a smooch on Zayn Malik's unsuspecting cheek at 19 seconds in, ambushing him. Um, Perrie, are you watching?

Louis looks like a matinee idol with his pompadour. Liam's eyes are so expressive. We already know about Harry and Zayn. And Niall? Well, he is just precious.

Go ahead, Directioners. Watch this 250 times.