One Direction are being sponsored by Nabisco, and they're pretty excited about it. Harry Styles in particular is stoked, because he's rather proud of his snacking prowess.

Styles claims to have invented putting cheese on Ritz crackers, garnering some serious side eye from his bandmates. "It's the suggestion on the box," smirked Zayn Malik. "It already tells you what to do."

Styles then describes his ideal snack -- and his BFF Louis Tomlinson mocks his passion, inciting a slow clap and a clearly insincere, "Really moving!" (If you want to know what Hazza's puttin' on the Ritz, watch the video!)

Tomlinson does get passionate himself about one thing: He is firmly "Team Cookie" in the "Cookies vs. Creme" Oreo debate, and he even tries peer pressuring Liam Payne into voting for his side. But which side wins? Find out below!

Watch One Direction Debate Over Oreos