During her 2013 Grammys performance, Taylor Swift took a swipe at her ex, Harry Styles of One Direction, when she delivered the spoken word parts of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' in a British accent. Well, Hazza has finally responded to Swift's mocking chess move -- and not in the manner in which you'd think.

Styles actually paid his ex a compliment. He said (quotes via Entertainment Wise), "Oh it’s fine. She’s a great performer and she’s always good on the stage... she's done it for a long time." Yep, she's been performing for a long time but one thing she didn't do for a while? Date Styles. Zing.

He continued, "She knows what she’s doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good."

Wow, so Styles took the high road, whereas Swift took a lower one by mocking him and revealing that she had gone into the studio right after their messy split to pen a new song. You know, her decision to take a swipe at him didn't turn out as she planned, since it didn't bother him, rendering it ineffective.

So he didn't diss her. He didn't insult her. He didn't express disdain or disgust for her public way of doing things. That's a classy move on his part, especially since T. Swizzle airs her dirty laundry in songs and performances.

Styles also said things are peachy in his world. He's not pining over Swift after their split, apparently. He said, "I’m OK, thanks for asking. Yeah, I’m good. Don’t worry about me."

Such a shame these two kids imploded so fast on the romantic level and couldn't make it work or last.

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