One Direction had a sitdown chat with 'Extra,' and you know they were going to ask Harry Styles about Taylor Swift. How did he respond?

He didn't -- at least not directly. When the band were asked who's single and who's taken, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson immediately boasted of their respective lady loves, Perrie Edwards and Eleanor Calder. Meanwhile, Niall Horan, who was rumored to be dating a student named Amy Green, quipped that he, Liam Payne and Hazza are all "single Pringles." (That chip container will leave you plenty hungry.)

As for what kinds of girls they're looking for, Liam and Harry had similar responses (and neither listed Swifty nor Leona Lewis in their answers!). "Someone who's nice, really, and just fun to be around," Liam said. "It just kind of happens, doesn't it? If you go out looking, you'll never find [it]. You have to wait for it to come to you." Wise words, young man!

Harry added, "Just someone that you have fun with and you get on with, and is nice." D'awww! It's worth noting, though, that the guys wouldn't reveal their celeb crushes -- except Niall, who has the hots for Megan Fox. (We guess he's over Demi Lovato!)

Tune into the clip to see the guys playing with their dolls (and marveling at their flexibility), their Twitter war with Piers Morgan and their thoughts on Barbara Walters!