Hold onto your hats, One Direction tweeps! While he's not getting a shoe to the "special purpose," Harry Styles revealed that he will randomly follow people on Twitter.

Unfortunately for Directioners, there's no special formula to get Styles to follow you. He told SugarScape, "I get why it's nice for them, and it's not hard for us to do, so we try to do it a lot. Most of the time it's hard to respond to everyone, but I kind of like to do it randomly."

Both Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson also shared their opinions on how to get a follow from them as well. Mr. Horan says he follows fans who care about his well-being and ask what he's up to for the day, but he gets annoyed by those who inundate his timeline with 'FOLLOW ME!' spam.  In Louis' case, just ask and you shall receive. A simple 'Follow me' will do it for Mr. Tomlinson! We're sure using the magic word (please), couldn't hurt either.

There you have it folks, the simple keys to a Twitter follow from three out of five members of One Direction. To review: Harry follows with no rhyme or reason, Niall likes small talk and Louis is drawn to simple requests. You can't say we didn't tell you!

The 1D boys have just kicked off their 10-month-long 110-city world tour. They will probably be hitting a stadium near you (if they haven't already), but until then, you can always follow their antics on Twitter!

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