Harry Styles lurves his mum, Anne Cox. The One Direction hunk served as the best man at her wedding in Congleton in Chesire in the U.K. this past Saturday, June 1.

Hazza's mother, 43, married Robin Twist, the man who helped raise him after his parents split when he was just 7.

Styles was snazzy in his black suit, accessorized with his beautiful smile. He was clearly so happy that his mother and Twist were making it official. He cleans up nice, doesn't he? We don't love his smattering of tattoos, but we think he looks smashing here. It's easily one of Hazza's very best looks. His signature curls spill perfectly on his forehead, don't they?

Styles is said to have been looking after the rings, which is a very important job in a wedding. He also helped organize the ceremony and put it together. The location was kept classified to avoid Directioners finding out where it was scheduled to take place, since it was feared that they might try and crash the wedding, which is an intensely private affair.

Styles also posted a clip from the reception via Vine (which was later taken down), with the guests, including himself, noshing on cake. He labeled it with the "Chinching" hashtag -- it looks like the guests are bunching up their mouths and chins when eating and drinking, hence "chinching." We think...