This is quite the predicament Harry Styles is in! Good thing all signs are pointing to "totally made up."

We all know the One Direction heartthrob has a penchant for ladies of a certain age (remember the Lucy Horobin controversy?), so perhaps this wouldn't be so surprising if the claims didn't sound totally baseless. According to Woman magazine, a lady by the name of Yvette Fielding, who is a friend of the Styles family, reportedly said a 16-year-old Harry sent her "disgusting texts," while she was out having dinner with the Styles clan.

Now, the 44-year-old is singing a different tune, but she probably wasn't singing the whole "a 16-year-old sexted me," tune in the first place. According to The Sun, Fleming released a statement saying, "He never did it and I never said it." Did we mention that Harry and Yvette's son Will are very good friends? We can hear the parody songs now... "Willy's mom has got it goin' on..."

In fact, Fleming was so distraught over the rumors that she even called Harry's mom Anne to clear the air. Talk about a talk we don't ever want to have... though a conversation like that is probably exclusive to celebs and likely 'Jerry Springer' show guests.

A spokesman for Harry confirmed Fleming's claims that the sexting scandal never occurred.

So Directioners, breathe easy! Harry and Yvette Fleming will not be an item any time soon...

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