Is life imitating art for Taylor Swift? Or more specifically, for Haylor?

In her 'I Knew You Were Trouble' video, her bad boy BF, played by actor Reeve Carney, sports a ship tattoo on his arm. On Tuesday, Dec. 18, Swift accompanied her real life BF, played by One Direction's Harry Styles, to Shamrock Tattoo Parlour in Los Angeles, where he added a big ship to his growing collection of tattoos.

Styles had a large sailing vessel inked almost the same place as Carney's character. This similarity has the Haylor haters and the supporters chattering about whether or not Swift influenced this decision.

Is this coincidental? Was it planned? Is Hazza so enamored with Swift -- mind you, people who've seen the couple together live and in the flesh have commented online that the two can't take their eyes off one another-- that he got this tattoo after being inspired by her video?

We'll go out on a limb and say it's a big ol' coinkydink. If Hazza really wants to show his love for T. Swizzle in the form of body art, he'll get her name etched on his body. Then they'll break up, since name tattoos are the kiss of death. Then she'll write a song about it and the cycle will repeat. Let's hope it never gets there – we're rooting for the Haylor romance to survive.

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