Harry Styles of One Direction is in Los Angeles for tonight's (Nov. 8) two-song performance on 'X Factor.' He used his free time last night wisely – to strip down … for a tattoo session. If you thought something else, well, all we can say is this: Get your minds out of the gutter, people!

Styles, 18 and seemingly the biggest heartthrob in a group of heartthrobs, headed to Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood to get another tattoo. He's already assembled quite a collection of body art and was only too happy to add to it last night. Of course, the tat shop was surrounded by Directioners eager to get a look at the curly-haired cutie who is appearing on quite a few magazine covers with his bandmates lately.

Judging from the video and the photo above, it'd seem like young Harry was in jail, due to the bars. Right?

We love that Harry Styles shows off his edgy side by collecting tattoos. And he looks good with his shirt off. He's certainly living while he's young.

TMZ reports that Styles got some sparrows and stars permanently etched on his person. Jeez. We thought he was going to get the words "PopCrush" inside a heart tattooed on him!

See Harry Styles at a Tattoo Shop in L.A.