Zzzzzz. One Direction cutie Harry Styles doesn’t need Ambien to help him go to sleep when he achieved the same effect by dating Taylor Swift. Hazza supposedly called the pop-country princess "boring" when he broke up with her, only after ditching her a on yacht for four hours while he was in search of some fun.


Reports have surfaced that the couple had a fight so he bounced, leaving the '22' singer a la carte on the boat in the Carribean. Now, that’s not a bad place to be abandoned, but still.

A source close to T. Swizzle said that the singer admitted that Hazza stormed off after a quarrel. When he returned, his insult reduced Swift to tears, since he declared, "I went to get drinks without you because you’re so f---ing boring."

We guess Harry didn't want to go antiquing, bake gingerbread cookies or pumpkin muffins or make jars of jam, which are Swift's admitted hobbies and specialties.

It sounds like things soured between these two talented, attractive and rich kids on the quick. Haylor crashed and burned as quickly as it developed. Her side of the story has been examined here.

You know, Swift looks like fun, at least with her girlfriends, in the '22' video.

Watch the Taylor Swift '22' Video