Harry Styles isn't sentimental about Taylor Swift. It's dunzo. It's over. He's moved on. He has moved on so completely, in fact, that he wants any footage of the singer expunged from One Direction's upcoming movie, '1D3D.'

While she authorized someone to speak about their relationship in her Vanity Fair cover and even dissed him during her Grammys performance, he has remained largely mum, save for saying that same performance was good. He was diplomatic and refused to engage in mud-slinging in public.

Behind closed doors is another matter entirely, as sources say that Hazza has ordered all scenes with him and Taylor be removed from the doc. He may not outwardly comment on what she is doing, but he is working undercover to one up her.

"He thinks Taylor’s being childish," a source said. "He really thought that she of all people would value another celebrity’s privacy." He clearly wants to erase the memory of their relationship from the public.

Try as he might, he won't be successful at wiping people's memory clean of the short-lived romance, since everything lives on because of the Internet. The photos of them smooching on New Year's and holding hands all over NYC for the month of December will never die or be completely purged. He can't control that. What he can control, however, is his band's film and that's just what he is doing.

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