UPDATE: Harry Styles won Round 1 and has moved on to the semi-finals. Vote for him here!

It's that time of year again to vote for the PopCrush Prom King and Queen! In Round 1, Harry Styles is duking it out with Austin Mahone for the crown and title of Prom King. Which pop star hottie is most deserving of the title?

Let's take a moment to picture Harry Styles at the prom. We have no doubt that he'd be one of the cutest guys there, what with his to-die-for British accent, gorgeously tousled curls and that voice and all. Sigh! He'd be a big hit with the ladies, based on his highly scrutinized dating life and the legions of Directioners that follow his every move. But we also know that Harry would be equally as generous, seeing as how he's gone above and beyond for fans in the most heartwarming of ways. And let's be real: You know Harry would be out on the dance floor, having a grand ole time and acting just a little bit of a fool. We love a guy who can let loose!

It has been a huge year for Austin Mahone, and this spring is only gearing up to be even more exciting for the 'MMM Yeah' singer. The 18-year-old brunette cutie is set to release his debut album, 'The Secret,' and embark on a highly-anticipated summer tour in support of the record. You know all of that would make him the most popular dude at the prom! Plus, Mahone would totally be killing it on the dance floor -- and he'd hopefully be showing off his incredible six-pack as he does it!

Who has your vote for PopCrush’s Prom King of 2014: Harry or Austin? Whoever wins this round of voting will move on and go up against a new challenger in Round 2. Cast your votes now, and make sure to come back to vote once every hour to support your pick! This round of voting closes on Tuesday, May 13, at 12PM ET.