Imagine you went to the ultimate high school, where your student body was packed with today's hottest pop stars, it would be a tough decision deciding on prom royalty, right? Well, we're not making your decision any easier by pairing Harry Styles of One Direction versus Jay McGuiness of the Wanted in the race for PopCrush's prom king title!

Obviously, Harry Styles, 19, is one of the biggest heartthrobs in the mainstream music scene nowadays. As one of the dreamiest and most eligible bachelors in not only 1D, but the entire world of boy bands, the shaggy-haired, sparkly-eyed 'Kiss You' singer has a smile that could melt your heart and a carefree sense of humor. He's also hugely talented, with a great voice and unbelievable charisma on the stage. Finally, Styles is sweet, but he maintains that bad boy appeal too, with his tats and wild child demeanor.

On the other hand, Jay McGuiness of the Wanted, 22, pretty much possesses all of the qualities, as well. The curly-haired cutie pie is absolutely hilarious, and he has a genuine way about him, truly adoring his fans and speaking from the heart -- he also has a face that could make any girls' ticker start beating overtime. The tatted-up McGuiness also has a vast amount of vocal talent and a strong stage presence that allows him to stand out within the five-piece boy band.

So, who is your pick for prom king in this preliminary round? Harry or Jay? Whoever wins this round of voting will go on to face another competitor, and so on, until the king is announced! This particular poll, where we decide whether Harry or Jay will progress, closes on Saturday, May 4, 11:59 PM ET. You can vote once per hour until then.