While both of them might be taken (for right now, at least), we wanted to get the expert opinions from all of you Directioners and Beliebers out there on who would be a better boyfriend, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles or 'Boyfriend' crooner Justin Bieber?

Harry Styles of One Direction always seems to have some sort of girlfriend or another (some much older than others), but none of them seem to be serious like Selena Gomez is with the Biebs. But that doesn't mean anything, since Styles is a young guy and is allowed to shop around before he settles down! He's a fun-loving guy that any girl would be lucky to have as their boyfriend, with an awesome sense of humor, killer style, a carefree attitude and unbelievable good looks... oh, and did we mention his super sexy English accent?

Then there's the Biebs, who is Canadian, so he doesn't really have a cool accent... but that's about the only thing he's lacking when comparing him to Styles. Like the One Direction crooner, the Biebs is an incredibly good-looking guy, with an adorable smile and awesome hair that's almost as famous as the Biebs himself. He's already proven what a good boyfriend he is time and time again, as stories about his romantic activities with Sel leak to the public, so there's really no debate that he'd make any girl happy.

Sound off, Beliebers and Directioners! Who would make the better boyfriend? Let us know your opinion by voting below!

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