Prom season is in full effect everywhere -- your local high school, television specials and, perhaps most importantly, here at PopCrush. The first round of Prom King and Queen ended earlier today (May 7), which means we're round two is here to follow suit (and tie.mp3). This one, in particular, is relatively awkward because we're putting One Direction's Harry Styles up against 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings. Why is that awkward? One Direction hand-picked 5SOS to open for them on two separate world tours. Woops.

Harry somehow managed to beat out Justin Bieber in round one, earning 57.76% of votes. We can't say we're surprised -- Harry's got that James Dean daydream look in his eye, not to mention an entire album of songs written about him (maybe, probably, Taylor won't admit it but still). While his natural charisma and charm are more transparent than the low-cut blouses he's constantly wearing, Harry's also got the talent and the drive to make it in the industry. Do we want to see him apart from the rest of One Direction, fronting some indie rock band that sounds more like the Strokes than "Stockholm Syndrome"? Absolutely not -- but we know he could do it. Maybe in a few years, Harry.

Meanwhile, Luke won by a pretty huge margin against Brad Simpson of the Vamps. He's the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer -- a band currently making a valiant effort to bring pop-punk (with a slightly more pop-leaning sound, we'll admit) back to the mainstream. And while we wish we could nominate all the 5SOS guys for Prom King, Luke will have to be their representative until they manage to morph into one giant 5SOS-ian creature of lip rings and bleached hair. If anyone had to be nominated, though, Luke's a good choice. He's tall, talented and totally cute -- even if he is only 18.

Who deserves to be crowned PopCrush Prom King of 2015? You can vote for either Harry Styles or Luke Hemmings once per hour until the poll closes on May 26 at 3PM ET. May the odds be ever in your fave's favor.

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