The members of Harvard's male baseball team found a creative and entertaining way to pass the time while in the car, presumably traveling to a game or to practice. The boys lip sync and do synchronized arm and hand dance movements to Carly Rae Jepsen's upbeat and bouncy hit 'Call Me Maybe.'

The vid starts out with just a pair of players doing the hand movements and lip syncing in the back seat. Their numbers quickly swell, as more team members, who were hiding out of view of the camera, pop onto the screen. By this point, it's a full on team of lip syncing dudes. They don't smile. They don't giggle. They are 100 percent serious in their mission to sing and dance to 'Call Me Maybe.'

What's really funny about this particular video is the dude who is sleeping in the back seat, completely unmoved or uninterested in the choreography unfolding next to him or around him. He's either passed out or doesn't care or doesn't find this stuff interesting. He's our favorite part of this clip.

Synchronized dancing while lip syncing should be an Olympic sport. If the Harvard baseball team isn't having a stellar season, fans might come back to this video and complain that they should have focused on their hitting and pitching, as opposed to practicing dance moves.

Have a laugh!

Watch Harvard Baseball Team Lip Sync to 'Call Me Maybe'