The New York Daily News asked Harvey Weinstein whose fame he thinks will be as lasting as Norma Jean Baker's. His answer? Madonna.

"She’s the most extraordinary modern celebrity that we have,” Weinstein said at the Dior-sponsored premiere, adding, “Madonna is Marilyn Monroe with women’s emancipation."

Madonna channeled Marilyn Monroe in her video for 'Material Girl,' and she's got the blonde curls, red lips, and multiple marriages down, but there's only one Marilyn. Madonna has yet to make a lasting, well-received impression on film (her music videos and arguably Evita notwithstanding).

It's also unlikely that women in 20 years will tattoo Madonna's mug on their bodies (we're looking at you, Megan Fox!). While certainly attractive, it's also not probable that Madonna will be revered decades from now as a tragic figure or timeless beauty.

The New York Daily News has a theory behind Weinstein's opinion: He's releasing 'W.E.' on Dec. 9 -- a film directed by Madonna. Madonna will go down in the record books for her transformations, her music, and her impact on pop culture, but will be admired much differently than Marilyn Monroe.