As though she's trying remind us that she's friends with every famous person on Earth, Taylor Swift has unveiled yet another teaser photo of her upcoming "Bad Blood" music video. This one stars pop-punk princess Hayley Williams as the Crimson Curse, which is so fitting because her hair is its signature bright-red.

Hayley looks mildly terrifying in the teaser, and we have to admit we're excited to see this side of Taylor emerge in the public sphere. Sure, the song is a lighthearted diss track about an unnamed pop star (who everyone knows is Katy Perry because it is the worst kept secret in entertainment, Taylor). But the video has real potential to be something dark and gritty -- a much-needed departure from almost everything she's released over the span of her career. We saw the beginning of that evolution with Taylor's satirical "Blank Space" video, but she went right back to her trademark Anthropologie aesthetic with the release of the "Style" video -- a blatant Lana Del Rey knock-off, but bad. One step forward, two steps back. (Not to mention a total visual disservice to an otherwise fantastic song, but that's all right Taylor, we forgive you.)

There's a definite chance that this video will be way less sexy than it looks, because Taylor always seems to go back to what's familiar to her: Goofy, soft, pretty. Change is scary. But for now, we're holding out hope that the video is more Sin City and less Sucker Punch.

Fans won't have to wait too much longer to see the "Bad Blood" video -- it's set to premiere at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards.

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