Paramore singer and extra cute ginger kid Hayley Williams has partnered with MAC Cosmetics for her very own four-piece, online exclusive collection of products.

Williams, known for her flame-hued hair, helped create a collection focused on the color orange. The two key pieces that we like best provided a serious pop of color and they arrive just in time for spring. The Sounds like Noise Lipstick and Riot Gear Nail Lacquer are bright and bold, like a shot of Vitamin C for the lips and the digits.

These products, while gorgeous, are not likely going to be right for everyone. But if you have a similar shade of hair as Williams or if you have pale, porcelain skin like her, then you might totally fall in love with this limited edition series. And if you are a fangirl who considers Williams to be your style icon and musical queen, then you will most certainly want to check them out.

The set also boasts coral frost Daydreaming Eye Shadow and a Mineralize Skinfish powder in Lightscapade, but it's really all about the lipstick and nail polish, especially for the Paramore fanbase, who we expect to be drawn to these items.

MAC Cosmetics

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