If you're stoked for Paramore to release their long awaited followup to 'Brand New Eyes,' you're not alone. The band is just as excited as you are... especially when working with Beck bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

Frontwoman Hayley Williams dished to NME (via Spin) about the band's upcoming record, and collaborating with Meldal-Johnsen (who was also Nine Inch Nails' bassist during their last tours). So far they've only done one song with him, but it's quality, not quantity, right? At least it is to Williams, who gushed, "That time in the studio was easily the most relaxed, inspired, and liberating experiences we have had in any studio thus far."

Williams noted that her musical inspiration for this album is actually from, well, the music itself. "Musically, I am most inspired by the personality captured in every instrument," she said. "That, to me, is actually what is making up this newer sound that is happening."

In terms of her lyrical inspiration? While Williams often examined broken hearts and bad relationships in her lyrics, she assures that the newer material is a bit more upbeat. "I am laughing things off a lot more easily these days than I was at 19, when I wrote the last album," she said. "A lot of change ... a lot of positivity. Even the songs with the more serious subject matter feel less toiled and troubled." Wait, so she was dabbling in witchcraft before? What is this?!

Paramore blogged about completing a song called 'Daydreaming' last month, but they admitted that the new record is still a ways off. Come on, guys. Stop teasing us and start singing!

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