Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams dispenses some of her favorite makeup tips, tricks and products in the July issue of SELF. Known for the contrast of her porcelain, peaches-and-cream complexion and her fiery, bold hair hue, Williams sports quite the unique femme-punk look, as the photos in her SELF spread so aptly demonstrate.

However, Williams looks as soft and delicate as ever in these summer-ready shots. Williams is shown running on the beach in a crispy, summer-appropriate white frock, and she espouses some of her favorite current makeup looks.

She is a fan of Nubar Nail Lacquer, which is a vegan brand of polishes, and she likes "loud and vibrant" colors on her digits.

Williams is also a fan of Morrocan oil, which is known for imparting serious shine on stressed-out (what she calls "overly processed or colored") strands, while she admitted, "I pick my lipstick by my mood." Most young women tend to do the same thing, which is half the fun of cosmetics.

Williams also said that a "cat eye is my go-to" when she puts makeup on the windows to her soul, AKA the eyes!

If you want to learn more of Hayley Williams beauty secrets, read her article in the current issue of SELF.

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