One does not simply "pull off" two-toned hair -- you have to have the right look and attitude to rock this bold dye job! Case in point, daring Paramore frontwoman Hayley William and Little Mix trend-setter Perrie Edwards, who both look awesome with their bright, two-toned, primarily pink hairdos. Now, the question is, whose hair do you like best?

Both of these hairdos are pretty new for Williams and Edwards, who have experimented with color in the past, but never really with two completely different shades at once. We  first saw Williams' rosy and orange hair a few weeks back, as she showed off the split-down-the-middle style at a NYLON event and at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. We're used to seeing the 'Still Into You' songstress with her flaming red-orange locks, so this half-pink, half-orange look is definitely something new and fun for the fashionable risk-taker.

Meanwhile, Edwards changes her hair almost as much as she changes her eye-catching clothing, and we first caught a glimpse of this bubblegum plus hot pink hairdo in Little Mix's 'How Ya Doin'' video. We love how the subtle pink (which is so light, it almost looks white) on the top of her head gives way to the much more vibrant, hot pink shade underneath, and the rose-colored tones compliment her milky skin perfectly.

So, whose two-toned hair are you digging more? Hayley's parted, pink and orange mix, or Perrie's cascading, multi-hued pink locks? Vote below!