Heart2Heart's 'Facebook Official' video is so bad it's almost still bad. The well-coiffed boy band is mentored by Lance Bass of 'N Sync fame and he is certainly a quality and experienced advisor, as Heart2Heart want so desperately to be the boy band your little sister loves and plasters posters of on her walls. There's nothing wrong with such aspirations, but H2H need to chill with the hair!

It's working overtime!

Bass has a brief cameo in the futuristic portion of the clip, dressed in white, wearing headphones. He shows up at 17 seconds in. Swoon, that is, if you are a boy band watcher!

The Heart2Heart boys, to their credit, do work hard and they have all the necessary elements of a quality boy band. It's a catchy song. They look stylish. They are young and are from all walks of life, with different hair colors and skin tones. Their choreography is top notch and they look cute dancing on a basketball court. The basics? They've got 'em. They speak to the plugged in generation; song title aside, there's a trio of girls squealing as they watch the video on their MAC Book.

They have the moves, but the hair is more than a little distracting. And when the blond dude rocks a vest, without a shirt? We're not sure how we feel about it.

Perhaps Heart2Heart have what it takes. We've seen way worse!

Watch the Heart2Heart 'Facebook Official' Video