The hip-hop community is mourning the untimely death of rap icon Heavy D. The New York rapper, who is real name is Dwight Myers, died on Nov. 8 after collapsing at his Beverly Hills home. He was 44 years old. Heavy D was a humble artist who was very comfortable with his big size and his moniker 'The Overweight Lover.' He made being heavy sexy with his laid-back baritone flow and lighthearted verses. During the late '80s and early '90s, he brought levity to the genre with his danceable sound of hip-hop when gangsta rap was predominantly ruling the airwaves. In honor of Heavy D, we offer our list of the 10 Best Heavy D Videos. We feel that these clips had a major impact in his illustrious career and established him as a true hip-hop icon. Rest in peace, Heav.

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    'Alright' (Remix)

    Janet Jackson Feat. Heavy D

    Granted, this is not a Heavy D video, but we couldn't ignore his appearance as the fashionable scalper in Janet Jackson's throwback mini-movie for the 'Alright' remix. Heav was not only was stylish but he also displayed some fancy footwork, as well. Ironically, Heavy D also appeared in Michael Jackson's video for 'Jam.' Rest in peace to both music icons.

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    'Black Coffee'

    He's not called the "Overweight Lover" for nothing. In this video, Heav give props to both dark-skinned and light-skinned women "who stay busy all day" but at night are "his sexy soufflé." Once again, Heavy D is looking quite dapper in his all-red suit.

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    'Somebody for Me'

    Feat. Al B. Sure

    Heavy D is looking for a committed relationship on this R&B slow jam, which featured New Jack Swing crooner Al B. Sure. The song introduced Heavy D as a rapper and a gentlemen who had respect for the ladies.

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    'Blue Funk'

    The death of Heavy D has us feeling blue right now. In this blue-hued clip, Heav invites his friends and family for a get-together at an abandoned warehouse. The Heavy D video shows how personable he was outside of the glitz and glamour of the rap biz.

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    'Don't Curse'

    Feat. Kool G. Rap, Grand Puba, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, Q-Tip and C.L. Smooth

    Undoubtedly, one of the best posse records in hip-hop history, Heavy D grabbed several of the best rhyme-spitters in the rap game for this bouncy jam. At the time, rap music was being targeted for its explicit lyrics, so in protest, Heavy D created a song that featured no profanity. Props to Heav for showing that rappers can still spit crazy rhymes over a hot joint without being vulgar.

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    'The Overweight Lover's in the House'

    This song introduced Heavy D & the Boyz to mainstream audiences. The New York rapper was never insecure about his weight and he didn't let his size slow him down from dancing with G-Whiz and the late Trouble T-Roy. This Heavy D video shows that he was an all-around gifted performer.

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    'Nuttin' but Love'

    It's no secret that Heavy D has love for the pretty girls. In this video, Heav is rapping his smooth come-ons to a bevy of hot models behind the backdrop of Central Park. The clip also features a hilarious cameo from Chris Tucker who, obviously, doesn't have a clue how to pick up the ladies.

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    'Mr. Big Stuff'

    This is the first video from Heavy D & the Boyz, and it offers a glimpse into the enormous talent the group possessed. Granted, the song was kind of gimmicky, but Heav and the Boyz were so cool rocking their Coca-Cola gear.

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    'We Got Our Own Thang'

    "Bum diddley-diddley-diddley-diddely-diddely-Deee." This is one of our favorite songs and videos on the list. 'We Got Our Thang' ushered in the New Jack Swing sound, which was created by veteran producer Teddy Riley. This phenomenal music video featured Heav busting acrobatic dance moves in a suit and in Kente clothes (wow!). The song and video helped establish Heavy D as a major rap star.

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    'Now That We Found Love'

    Feat. Aaron Hall

    At the top of our list is the exciting video for 'Now That We Found Love.' The energetic choreography in the clip matches the anthemic tone of Heav's chart-topping hit single. To this day, the song still gets the crowd jumping in the clubs. Rest in peace, Heavy D. You will be sorely missed.