Canadian pop stars Hedley want to 'Kiss You Inside Out' on their latest track. The foursome dropped the artwork today and will be releasing the single June 12 in the U.S. via iTunes.

The cover is a play on the song title with a close-up of a mouth, duplicated in four different colored cells, Andy Warhol-style.

"Request the song at your local radio station! #KYIO," Hedley wrote on their official Tumblr.

The poppy track features the invitation, “Turn off the lights / Take off your clothes / Turn of the stereo / Give up the fight / I’m in control / Yeah, I wanna know you inside out / I’ll spend my life trying to figure out / Just close your eyes and shut your mouth / And let me kiss you inside out.”

Hedley are nominated for a handful of trophies at the MuchMusic Video Awards on June 17. Their 'Invincible' clip is up for Video of the Year, Cinematography of the Year and Pop Video of the Year.

The band has released four albums, with its most recent, 'Storms,' winning Best Pop Album at the Juno Awards this year. Give their new single a listen below.

Listen to Hedley, 'Kiss You Inside Out'