Heejun Han is the comic relief every time the camera pans his way, but tonight  the 'American Idol' contestant brought a quiet and moving performance of Stevie Wonder's 'All in Love Is Fair.'

Looking swanky in a white dress shirt and a black suit, Han started out center stage on a stool surrounded by live strings, looking more like an artist singing with a live orchestra than someone trying to secure his place on a national singing competition.

Just because Han brought a beautifully mellow performance doesn't mean he adopted a serious tone for the night. On the contrary, the ever straight-faced comedian chatted with Seacrest for a while before his song, showing some Tweets he posted this week that grabbed attention. Photos of him pretending to eat fellow contestant Deandre Brackensick's super tight curls in a noodle bowl and one of him looking like he was taking a bite out of contestant Hollie Cavanagh brought some laughs before the lights dimmed for Han's moment of truth.

Supported by the beautiful strings and soaring piano, Han hit a couple of flat notes but definitely delivered in his performance tonight. His last note was long and strong with fog billowing around him onstage, and the judges seemed more than satisfied with his musical offering.

“I love you … From the first time you sang for me and I still love you now," Jennifer Lopez gushed. Steven Tyler was brief but encouraging, saying, “Fantastic. I love your voice man. Something about it that’s real special.” Then Randy Jackson added his quick two cents saying, “Dude, it wasn’t perfect but it was really good.”

With the brevity of the judges' comments and Seacrest's lack of any kind of follow-up interview, you have to wonder if the show's producers are doing their best to hold onto this young spark who keeps the audience laughing and can certainly hold his own in front of the mic.

Watch Heejun Han Perform 'All in Love Is Fair' on 'American Idol'