'American Idol' hopeful Heejun Han has a big personality, and now we know where that comes from! Tonight on the first show in the live rounds, Han gave a personal glimpse into his life where we got to meet his mother, who might just be our new favorite person.

22-year-old Han filmed his mama singing and dancing and thanking the 'American Idol' peeps for voting her son through. However adorable it was, the young crooner, who volunteers with special needs children, said Mrs. Han might kick him in the head when she finds out FOX was airing the footage!

Before he took the stage, Han proclaimed, "Today I'm showing that Asian people can not only get a high score on the SATs, but they can also sing and melt hearts." He then performed a solid rendition of Robbie Williams' 'Angels,' where he got smoky, husky and deep at times while heading into a higher register at other points.

After his last note was sung, Jennifer Lopez told Han, "There's no doubt you can blow." Steven Tyler pretty much agreed, although he didn't really love the song choice. Randy Jackson also wasn't sold on the song, but he did tell Han, "You're a very talented guy and we're so happy we found [you]."

Watch Heejun Han Perform 'Angels' On 'American Idol'