If you've been waiting for Hilary Duff's new album with bated breath, the "Sparks"-inciting singer is now kindly inviting you to exhale. FINALLY!

Breathe In. Breathe Out., Duff's first full album in seven years (Dignity, you feel like a distant dream...) is officially on its way, the singer confirmed yesterday (May 28) on Twitter, and the track list and accompanying photo have got our respiratory systems working at max capacity.

"Can't wait for you all to hear it! June 16th," Duff captioned the Instagram photo above, which finds her, a bluish mane and some sexy hot pants staring down the camera.

Noteworthy among the 12-track album is "Tattoo," an an Ed Sheeran original that Hilary told MTV she was thrilled to nail down during a chat at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. "It feels good to be in the studio," she said. "It feels good to be talking about my last few years—the high points and the low points."

Breathe will also include "A Night Like This," which features Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt. Schmidt and his band Heffron Drive released an album called Happy Mistakes last year which featured the single "Parallel." (Check out our interview with him from earlier this year!)

Overwhelmed? In need of a hit from your inhaler after all of this H. Duff news? Check out the album's full contents, and tell us if there's any particular tune you're absolutely dying to hear.

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