As winter transitions into spring and spring transitions into summer, celebs everywhere are rocking those happy pastels in their hair. And Hilary Duff and Kylie Jenner are just the latest stars to rock some seriously vivid shades, with both ladies opting for pink hues in their strands. Whose pink hair do you like better?

Hilary Duff has changed up her look quite a few times this year: Going both teal and gray before ultimately opting for a pink/gray ombre combo. While each 'do was bold and funky on its own, the dusty rose is our favorite by far. Where the turquoise was daring, the pale pink is feminine, flirty and possesses a crazy amount of elegance and class while still being fresh and bold. The light hue is also the perfect compliment to her naturally dirty blond locks and adds a stunning pop of color to her already perfectly waved hair.

The Jenner sisters are known for their Coachella looks -- and Kylie Jenner certainly outdid herself at the music fest this year. After rocking a long, teal wig, she ultimately traded in the mermaid-like wig for a short, cotton candy pink one that we think suits her perfectly. (Note to celebs: In the battle between turquoise and pink, pink usually wins out.) The crazy pale shade is the perfect funky Coachella accent without going too over-the-top, like the bold teal. Plus, we're forever digging a bob on Kylie, as it makes her look mature and super classy and the blunt ends frame her face flawlessly.

Whose pink locks do you like better? Vote Hilary Duff or Kylie Jenner in the poll below!

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