Hilary Duff just can't stop changing up her hair color. In the matter of a few weeks, girl has been teal, pink and now, blondish silver. In honor of her latest look, she's going head-to-head (hair-to-hair?) with the hair chameleon herself, Lady Gaga. Whose gray-blond look is your fave?

After being blond for so long, it's no surprise that Hilary Duff wanted to switch up her hair hue. And what better time to change it up than when she is simultaneously releasing new music and starring on a new TV show? While Hilary first went beyond bold with her turquoise hair, she later toned it down to a dark gray and pink ombre -- one of our favorite looks on the singer-actress. However, this stunning silver blond may take the cake, as it's close enough to her natural color to look, well, natural but also gray enough to be totally funky. It just suits her.

Lady Gaga's hair has pretty much been every color under the sun -- as well as some colors that probably don't even exist in nature. But when she took the stage to slay our faces off at the 2015 Oscars (we're still YAASS Gaga-ing all over the place when it comes to that Sound of Music number), she did it with the most gorgeous shade of silver hair we've probably ever seen. The silver was so subtle, in fact, that it was pretty much blond -- with just the right amount of silvery sheen to make her look like an Old Hollywood goddess.

Team Duff and Little Monsters, whose silvery blond hair do you like better? Vote Hilary Duff or Lady Gaga in the poll below.

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