Whoever's behind Hilary Duff's promo is clearly up-to-date on the latest craze in social media apps. First, there was Tinder, which made for some great radio interviews and a not-so-great music video for "Sparks." (Seriously, girl, leave the dating apps to those of us without the endless pool of celeb dating applicants, on-hand hair stylists and makeup artists.) And now she's combining use of the dubbing app Dumbsmash with some fun lip-syncing from her fans to preview her new song "My Kind."

Hilary posted the following tweet on Twitter earlier today, "Hey! Check out a clip of #MyKind from my new album on @dubsmashapp. Let me see your best #Duffsmash!" And so the dubsmashes -- aptly titled Duffsmashes, do you get it? -- came rolling in. Fans did their best lip-sync work, making the most of the 10-second song clip. Hilary retweeted some of her faves, but you can check out a bunch of them if you search the hashtag #Duffsmash on Twitter.

The "Sparks" singer recently unveiled the track listing for her upcoming album Breathe In. Breathe Out., on Instagram. If you're wondering why Hilary seems to be going overboard with promo (and, like, she's not -- it's the perfect amount, so chill), you should consider the fact that this is her first studio album in seven years. Yeah, that's basically an eternity-and-a-half in the entertainment world. She needs this. She deserves it. And so do we.

Breathe In. Breathe Out., is set for a June 16 release.

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