Someone's in love.

Hilary Duff has it bad for her brand new son Luca Cruz Comrie, who was born last month. Luca is the actress/singer's firstborn, and she is clearly afflicted with a case of over-the-moon-ness about her baby, as she has been tweeting photos of him left and right since unveiling the first full image and introducing the world to him earlier this week.

Duff appeared in a Funny or Die skit just prior to giving birth, joking that she and her husband, former NHLer Mike Comrie, had been scouting out the most financially profitable way to reveal Luca's first photos. In reality, she's been sharing shots for free and via the web, as opposed to selling them to the highest celeb tabloid bidder.

Duff tweeted a new photo of Luca, writing: "Oh no! The flood gates have opened! Proud mamma on the loose! i can't help myself. Here's one more." Keep 'em coming, Hil.

The photo focuses of Luca's big baby blues. He's so presh we can totally understand why his mommy can't stop taking photos of him and sharing them with the world. No wonder she is completely and totally in love.