Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill gives thanks to the Almighty for the cash, women and cars that now consume him on the gospel-esque banger, 'Amen.' “Bottle after bottle / Drink until I overdose / Pull up in the Phantom and watch them catch the Holy Ghost," he raps, later adding, "Lord forgive my sins, I'm just tryna win."

Fellow rapper Drake also offers his praises and throws condemnation to the haters trying to stop his spiritual growth: "Worry about your followers / You need to get your dollars up / Me and Meek / Young n---as poppin' like our collars up."

In the Dre Films-directed video, Mill and Drake continue to give thanks on the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Sylvester Stallone ran up in the movie ‘Rocky.’ There's no question that Meek Mill is ready to knock out the competition with his debut LP 'Dreams & Nightmares.' Amen!

Watch the Meek Mill 'Amen' Video Feat. Drake