She's the tiny girl with the giant voice that leaves everyone tilting their heads and asking, "Where does that come from?" On a night when many contestants have faced criticism, Hollie Cavanagh had to follow contestant Joshua Ledet, who got a three-judge standing ovation and left Jennifer Lopez exclaiming that it was the best thing she's seen on 'American Idol' -- ever.

In her mentoring session with and Jimmy Iovine, Cavanagh blew away with the sound emanating from such a small-statured blonde. "Where’s all that power coming from?" he asked. "You got amplifiers in your pockets?" Iovine was equally baffled, likening Cavanagh to the determined tortoise in Aesop's fable.

When she walked out into the stage fog, Cavanagh looked striking in a long, sparkling beaded golden gown. Her blond locks were straightened into a low side ponytail, and she really looked beautiful. Taking on Celine Dion's big ballad 'The Power of Love,' the singer belted it out and proved once again that she's got the vocal chops to win the hearts of America. Even after following the biggest moment of the season, she held her own and drew praise from the judges.

Though Jennifer Lopez pointed out that there were a couple of tiny things (she was a bit pitchy in one or two spots), she concluded that it would be "silly" to point them out. Steven Tyler came back to that one baffling question, saying, "I don't know where your voice comes from. It's heaven above." Though Randy Jackson admitted he had planned on pointing out those one or two things that Lopez brushed off as silly, he wasn't too critical either, offering, "This song -- you blew it out of the box."

Watch Hollie Cavanagh Perform 'The Power of Love' on 'American Idol'