Hot Chelle Rae appeared to have taken a bit of a break since the release of their super catchy singles 'Tonight, Tonight' and 'I Like It Like That.' Despite taking home an American Music Award back in 2011, the band has been a little hush-hush as of late. Not anymooooore.

The band left quite an impression when they were interviewed by Hollywood Life recently, saying that Demi Lovato, whom they're touring with, and Taylor Swift, whom they've spent time with in Australia, should "fight" over them. Good joke, guys.

"We play Sorry!, Scrabble, it’s really intellectual," said guitarist Nash Overstreet of their down time on tour. But singer Ryen Follese was quick to jump in and explain that touring with Lovato "is an amazing experience" and that they thoroughly enjoy hanging out with the pop star. As for hanging out with Swift, drummer Jamie Follese gushed, "We got to take a boat out in Sydney Harbor with Taylor, that was probably one of the coolest things."

Of course, Hollywood Life wasted no time in asking which pop star they're crushing on more. "I wanna get Demi and Taylor in a room and see them fight over all of our affections," said Nash. "Then all four of us will date the winner."

How polygamous of you!

Watch the Hot Chelle Rae 'Honestly' Video