Hot Chelle Rae have been on a roll with their latest album, 'Whatever,' a streak that's likely to continue with the release of 'Honestly,' a catchy new single in which frontman Ryan Follese sings about getting dumped but quickly moving on and having fun again.

The song jumps right into the relationship drama with no instrumental intro. Follese sings, "Honestly why are my clothes out on the street? / Honestly, I think you've lost your mind / I can't believe I came home to find my car keyed / Honestly I'm way too tired to fight."

A lively acoustic guitar accompaniment appears as the song opens into its chorus, which finds Follese picking up the pieces much faster than most reasonable people would: "Imma go, cause I got no problem with saying goodbye / Is it wrong that I'm gonna be having the time of my life / Cause deep down I know I should cry, I should scream and get down on my knees / I should say that I need you here / But I'm gonna party tonight / Cause honestly I just don't care."

Maybe he's in denial, or maybe he was never really that into her, but either way, Follese and Hot Chelle Rae have created a tell-off tune for anyone whose young love doesn't work out as planned. Though some elements of the track, like the "Hey!" and "Oh!" chants during the chorus, feel a little too by-the-numbers, the song's infectious nature makes it a solid follow-up to recent hits 'Tonight, Tonight' and 'I Like It Like That.'

Listen to Hot Chelle Rae, 'Honestly'