Hot Chelle Rae's video for 'I Like It Like That' follows the boys as they have a good time while on tour. How can that scenario not be fun? Young dudes, in the prime of their life, traveling, playing music for a living and being adored by kids all over the country? That's the very definition of fun, is it not?

We watch HRC as they peddle their pop music wares while on the road, always moving and on the go. It's like they never stop to catch their breath. Who has time for that? We see the dudes as they are hanging out in the back lounge of the bus, sound checking, performing to screaming girls and engaging in plenty of smile-inducing activities.

HRC are joined in the video by rap duo New Boyz, who lend also their voices to the song! One of the Boyz is sitting in a basketball hoop -- how did he get up there and how did he get down? -- and it's just another piece of proof that hanging out with Hot Chelle Rae is always a good time.

It's a fast moving video, zoning in on the band as they sign autographs, engage in meet and greets with fans and do all the fun stuff that goes into being a popular band that travels the country. No wonder Hot Chelle Rae like it like that.

Watch Hot Chelle Rae 'I Like It Like That' Video