'Tonight Tonight' hitmakers Hot Chelle Rae have unveiled the cover for their second album, 'Whatever,' which arrives in stores on Nov. 29.

Yesterday, the four band members -- Ryan Follese, Nash Overstreet, Ian Keaggy and Jamie Follese -- each tweeted a corner of the album cover that depicted his own image.

Now, the full cover is available, and it shows close-ups of the musicians' faces in yellow, blue, green and orange hues on a black background. The band name is in caps, bold and centered, and the album title 'Whatever' sits in the bottom right corner.

'Whatever' will include the Top 10 hit 'Tonight Tonight' and the new single 'I Like It Like That,' an infectious party song that features cameos from rappers the New Boyz and the sing-along chorus:

"I like it like that / Hey, windows down, chillin’ with the radio on / I like it like that / Damn, sun’s so hot, make the girls take it all off."

The album is the follow-up to the Nashville band's 2009 album 'Lovesick Electric,' which produced the singles 'I Like to Dance' and 'Bleed.'