There wasn’t a dry eye in the house on 'Duets' after J. Rome and Jennifer Nettles’ powerful performance of Michael Bolton’s ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,’ which J. Rome dedicated to his grandfather. After hearing how J. Rome’s grandfather was always his biggest supporter, right up until his passing, it was impossible not to feel the meaning behind the emotional performance.

J. Rome is undeniably the strongest performer on the show. For someone just tuning into the show, it would be hard to tell which of the two on stage was the recording artist and which one was the amateur. J. Rome can really hold his own and is extremely engaging. He doesn’t need to win the show to be a star. He’s already a star.

The performance was incredible, emotional and very meaningful. It was a true moment for everyone involved, and it was made more moving when J. Rome was overcome at the end. When the performance was finished, the judges were speechless. John Legend was the first to break the silence. He said, “I’m running out of nice things to say about J. Rome. He’s such a phenomenal vocalist.”

Robin Thicke was the next up to comment and all he could say was, “Yeah” and then applaud. He had no words. Kelly Clarkson was still in tears when it was her turn. She said in the most loving way possible, “I hate this. I love this show.” She was very openly moved by J. Rome’s performance, and rightfully so.

J. Rome jumped into first place with his amazing performance. We would have questioned the judging on the show if he hadn’t. He blew us away, as he usually does. Out of selfishness, we want him to stay on the show, but he better get off quick so he can start recording.

Watch Jennifer Nettles + J. Rome Perform 'How Am I Supposed to Lie Without You' on 'Duets'