Big Sean is big in music right now, and if you believe TMZ, he's big elsewhere, too. The gossip site recently ran into the 'Dance (A---)' rapper at LAX, where he didn't say anything to dispel the rumors of his, er, enormous talent.

For some inexplicable reason, TMZ cameras asked Sean if he's broken anything recently. (Seriously guys? You were really backing into this one.) The big-on-braggadocio MC replied, "Your girlfriend's back." Ow!

Back at the TMZ offices, one of the staffers explained that her question was "a good one" because Sean is known for being well-endowed ever since he had some compromising photos leaked. Really miss?

Obviously TMZ couldn't show the goods, so instead, they should images of things with which they could compare his private parts. These included an elephant's trunk, a rooster, the Washington Monument (we're sure our forefathers are thrilled) and, uh ... the Teletubby Dipsy. Have fun scrubbing that mental image out of your heads, guys.

Good to know that even if he's not remembered as the best rapper of all time, he'll likely still be known as a huge star.

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