Justin Bieber recently revealed how he likes to hit the sheets -- not that way -- sharing how he likes to stack Zs in an interview with Australia's 96.9 earlier this month. The Biebs doesn’t go commando when he crashes out, but it's close enough. He only wears boxers. Now Beliebers have something to dream about.

"I sleep in my boxers," Bieber said, unveiling a critical piece of information. And it's just boxers. He shared that he doesn't sleep in a shirt. He's all about comfort when getting some shut eye.

He also answered another series of questions about things he likes. While 'Step Brothers' starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is one of his favorite movies,  it's not his absolute favorite cinematic work nor does it top his list. Instead, his favorite of all time is 'Rocky.' Perhaps Philly fighter portrayed by Sylvester Stallone was the inspiration for his Complex cover, where he is being boxed and beaten.

Notice the similarities here? He sleeps in "boxer" shorts. His favorite film is a "boxer" movie. He appears in a "boxer" themed cover spread of a major magazine! The Biebs loves boxing.

These were all fan-submitted questions, mind you, so if you think they are silly or juvenile, they are not coming from seasoned journalists, but from the people who love him and buy his records and this is what they want to know.

The Biebs shared that the scariest moment of his life was bungee jumping in Cabo. He probably didn't engage in that activity while only wearing boxer shorts.

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