Taylor Swift's fans can tell you that her music has mended their broken hearts. But for one North Carolina teenager, Taylor's music helped her recover from severe amnesia.

According to Fox8, Charli Robertson was born with cerebral palsy, which is what caused her severe amnesia after she suffered from seizures back in 2012. She told the news station, "I didn't know my own mother. I didn't even know who anybody was." Charli's mother, Sheri Robertson, said the family tried everything they could to help Charli heal but nothing seemed to get through to her. Sheri said that "it got to a point I was wondering, was she ever going to come back?" That's where Taylor comes in.

Sheri started playing Taylor's song "Mean" for Charli, and she saw an immediate improvement in her daughter's condition. As Charli started to sing along, it helped kick-start her memory as she remembered the lyrics. According to the site, her memory returned by spring 2013.

Soon after her recovery, Charli began writing letters in hopes that she would be able to tell Taylor about her music's role and thank her for the help, even if it was inadvertent. Charli even recorded a cover of one of Taylor's songs in an attempt to show her gratitude. When asked what she would tell the "Blank Space" singer if she had an opportunity to meet her, Charli said, "Taylor, thank you is not enough."

Luckily, Charli's wish has been granted! Her local radio station, 93.1 The Wolf, gave her backstage passes for Taylor's North Carolina show in October.

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