Thieves in South Africa used the Justin Bieber concert as a cover under which to commit a huge heist, making off with a large chunk of paper.

A few hours after The Biebs entertained locals at the FNB Stadium on Sunday, May 12, it was learned that criminals made off with a massive sum of a cash at the venue. The exact amount has not been revealed, but reports indicate that the thieves made off with $330,000 of the show's haul. So while the concert and Bieber-related chaos were in full swing, the thieves made off undetected.

The script of the heist could've been lifted from a Hollywood action film.

Apparently, the bad guys (who are now a lot richer) chiseled away at a double-thick wall leading to a safe room and entered via the hole they created, according to New York Daily News.

Making the hole took time and careful effort, so the authorities believe that this operation was carefully planned and initial execution began in advance of Biebs' show.

Once the heist was discovered, the stadium was placed on lockdown on Monday (May 13) so that the authorities, security and forensic experts could scour the location for clues as to who the crooks were.

It is "beliebed" to be an inside job so the investigators are looking into the security team working both The Biebs' show and a recent Bon Jovi gig. It is feared they may have obtained fake security guard certifications, which can be purchased for $850.

Stadium manager Jacques Grobbelaar commented. "You could have very good people, and then the last 50 of 300 or 400 guards are simply just bodies. This is a concern that we continuously address."

Yikes. Here's to hoping the crooks are apprehended and the cash gets confiscated and returned.

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