How. Cute! A proud papa-to-be was visiting his wife in a labor and delivery room, and the fetal heart monitor started acting up. After a while, the heartbeat was so repetitive that the happy husband used it was a regular beat -- and started rapping along to it!
"On the microphone / Heart murmur / Dilated / Cervix," he begins, panning the room with his camera. Giggles can be heard throughout the room and he continues freestyling, eventually coming up with a Lamaze-inspired hook: "Breathe right / Hee hee / Hoo hoo / What you talkin' 'bout? What you gon' do? / That 'hee hee hoo hoo.'"

The expectant mom is simultaneously amused and annoyed. While she laughs at her husband's antics, when he gets too close to her with his camera, she swats it away. The rhymes and rhythms continue as the dad scans the room, eventually just observing objects: "Trash can / Mirror."

It's a really cute, hilarious clip that captures the excitement and anxiety of new parents as they await the arrival of their little ones. At least he kept himself -- and over 50,000 viewers -- entertained!