Them's fightin' words. A cat fight may ensue once Nicki Minaj hears that Coco, the buxom blond wife of rapper/actor/OG Ice-T, said Minaj has admitted that her ample derriere is not real. Nicki Minaj has a fake rump? No way. Yes way, according to Coco.

Coco told Perez Hilton during an interview (which you can view below) that the pink-loving rapper Minaj confessed that her patoot is fake. She told Perez, "Well I read that it wasn't … Yeah, she, I thought she came out with it?" Perez is bewildered by this information and Coco admitted that "Well, I heard it from her, but…" Coco isn't exactly enlightening us with details about the matter and isn't providing concrete information; she seems to be playing it a bit coy. But she doesn't sound like she is joking.

Sounds like a case of "She said, she said" with Minaj and Coco. While we like Lady Gaga's prosthetic cheekbones, which were obviously fake and meant to be an unorthodox fashion statement, we're not sure we believe that Minaj has had a "booty job." We are, however, looking forward to hear what Minaj has to say in response to Coco's bombshell revelation.

Watch Perez Hilton and Coco Discuss Nicki Minaj's Derriere.