Iggy Azalea's legal battles with her ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine, have finally come to a head. According to TMZ, Iggy first sued Hefe when she found out that he allegedly stole some of her original tracks directly from her laptop and then sold them as a mixtape called 'Inzio.' Not only did he use her name as incentive to get people to purchase the mixtape, but he reportedly released it online back in 2014, infuriating Iggy.

She claims that the quality of the tracks was subpar, and she had never intended on going public with them, hence the lawsuit. Thankfully for Iggy, a judge agreed with her and ruled in her favor, blocking Hefe from using Iggy's name to make a profit with the mixtape.

TMZ goes on to report that the judge even compared music videos from both Hefe and Iggy before making the final call. And while the case is still ongoing, Hefe is currently unable to continue selling the mixtape, so score one for Iggy.

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