It seems as if Iggy Azalea's ex Hefe Wine won't stop trying to make money off of the Australian rapper.

Not only did she have to sue him in order to gain rights over some of her old music, he is attempting to market a sex tape of the two of them. And now he has filed for "divorce" from his alleged common-law marriage to the 'Fancy' star.

According to TMZ, Hefe Wine claims that he and Azalea, 24, "agreed to be married, holding themselves out as man and wife and began residing together in the State of Texas on or about September, 2008." The site reports that in Texas, a man and woman are considered legally married after they have been living together for a period of time. Wine is allegedly requesting that Azalea be prohibited from "selling various assets" they accumulated during their common-law marriage.

For her part, Azalea has spoken out both via her rep and on Twitter -- and she does not mince words.

"It's disappointing that this thief, felon and fugitive is continuing to use the media to attack Iggy as part of his desperate and despicable attempt to keep himself in the press," the rapper's spokesperson told Us Weekly in a statement. "Iggy's federal court complaint froze Mr. Williams' [Hefe Wine's] ability to trade on her fame by profiting from music he stole from her, so he has resorted to elevating his predatory relationship with a 17-year-old girl into a sham 'marriage' claim unsupported by any certificate or evidence."

Azalea also tweeted about TMZ's story, writing:

Our two cents? Hefe Wine should probably take a listen to 'Black Widow.' You don't want to mess with Iggy Azalea!

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