Iggy Azalea recently took to Twitter to comment on an obviously fake story meant to blast Demi Lovato. The story is so bizarre that it's clearly fake, and after making its rounds on the Internet (to fans who seem to be well-aware of the fact that there's no veracity to the writer's claims), it finally made its way to Iggy where she eventually tweeted about it. You can check out her tweets below, and in case you have not yet read the story itself, you can head over to Billboard to read it in full.

Demi -- who is aware of the story -- later retweeted Iggy, proving she has a fantastic sense of humor about the whole thing. Check out Demi's tweet below:

It’s such an absurdly fake story that it’s almost funny, and we’re glad both Demi and Iggy can find humor in the situation. Considering Demi's very public stance on bullying and her many attempts at raising awareness about bullying and its serious detriment to the human psyche, the story is highly unlikely.

What do you guys think? No harm no foul? Is the story so ridiculous that it's pretty much a huge joke? Let us know your thoughts!

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